Monday, November 03, 2003

It's Another Sprawling, Formless Monday Post With A Terrible, Lazy Excuse For A Sub-Header

So after a wild weekend showing a certain princess a damn good time in Birmingham (not as difficult as it might sound, further details to follow) Parallax View is back, and now it's officially 'ace', courtesy of Casino Avenue and he seems like an authoratitive sort of fellow so he should know. And one of the consequences of being generally ace is that you scribble something down one balmy July evening on your usual diet of crack 'n' Jack (just kidding, boss) and a few months later a whole bloomin' cult has formed around your meandering mitherings. Only trouble is I never set up a fundraising service so at the moment my L Ron Hubbard is bare.

Graybo is not quite feeling himself just yet, but has added a teaser advising that his imminent return will leave us all saying 'wow' (that's ama-a-a-a-a-zing!). Uh-huh. That's right. The peyote is really starting to kick in now. And judging by this story he's successfully importing it across his home county.

Talking of cockamany craziness how would you go about making David Lynch's Lost Highway even more maddeningly incomprehensible? Why, by making an opera of it of course. Placido Domingo was apparently turned down for Patricia Arquette's nudity-requiring role on account of 'his breasts being too damned big'. (via TMFTML)

And so, when in doubt how to conclude a long, sprawling, formless post throw in some links to some new and interesting weblogs you've come across. Getting Up is a blog by a bisexual Australian barmaid living in London, Lindsayism has been doing a pretty good job of buttoning down that hipper-than-thou NYC indiechick schtick to fill the vacuum created by the deconstruction of The Modern Age, while PussyRanch (hmm...not safe for work, unless you, like the webmistress, happen to work at a peepshow) probably needs no introduction, but she gives us one anyway, describing herself as a 'jaded already-Minneapolitan [who] enjoys geekery, stamps, fervent sex, and several types of very pale ale.' I haven't seen anyone casually post something like 'I tried to fist myself last night' since the halcyon days of the Graybo golden era, that's for sure.


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