Saturday, October 25, 2003

On Standby

If you're expecting me to get snarky about Shed 7 splitting up you've come to the wrong blog. I've had some fantastically enjoyable evenings frugging to the Shedsters, and in my never-more-humble opinion they've written five times more memorable songs than the over-rated likes of Blur and The Stone Roses. That said, they seem to have been permanently touring for the last couple of years, and although their gigs are always well-attended the interest in their newer material is waning, so I don't really blame them for wanting to call it a day.

In even more perverse news, it had completely slipped under my radar that Silver Sun had re-formed. I really enjoyed their 1997 debut album which usefully provided the missing musical link between Teenage Fanclub and The Beachboys. Then for reasons they chose to keep to themselves they followed that up with an album of kitsch metal which bombed harder than Peter Kay in a beer commercial. But then, given the recent success of The Darkness maybe it was just a case of bad timing?


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