Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Skating on thin ice: Elliott Smith's Figure 8Somebody That I Used To Know

Some dreadful, dreadful news in that singer/songwriter Elliott Smith has died aged 34. Smith is thought to have committed suicide, just a few weeks after the equally troubling and premature death of Matthew Jay. I was a relative newcomer to appreciating Smith, jumping on board with Figure 8 which, with its sunny vibe and whistleable tunes was one of my favourite albums of 2000. Smith hasn't released any new material since, although it's been long rumoured that a new album was ready to ship sometime this year, and hopefully this will still come to light some day.

Rest in peace, Elliott. And given that sometimes these things come in threes, please somebody wrap up the chubby cheeks of Ed Harcourt in cotton wool. Or at least buy some of his records.


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