Sunday, October 12, 2003

Well, it's a lazy Sunday evening, and my energy levels are low from a combination of hangover recovery and anticipation of the working week ahead, so instead of coming up with any content myself, I'll point you in the direction of 100 Things About Robyn Wilder (or whatever her name is) a handy cut-and-paste guide for all of her online stalkers, of whom I am of course the Honorary President.

For those of you too indolent to click on the above link, highlights include the fact that she was once offered a job by Babes In Toyland; has hobnobbed with Bjork; can say cunt in Italian and oh, she's not a lesbian but Eliza Dushku (gesundheit!) still makes her feel funny in the tummy. She also owns up to having had a Brazilian - so now we know how Ronaldo got that goofy grin of his.

I know that some will say that by linking to this I'm encouraging Ms Wilder's narcissism. But truth be told, it's her very narcissism that I find most attractive about her. But although there are few people I'd rather share a chocolate biscuit and a mug of hot tea with on an autumn evening, given Robyn's views on prevaricating, pretentious lovecheats, perhaps it's best I keep my distance.

I'm not quite ready yet to expand my Italian vocabulary that far.



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