Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Down-to-Earth Blogger's Reputation Up In Smoke?

I'm trying to update daily at the moment to compensate for Graybo's discombobulating semi-hiatus. What's going on there, I wonder? I suppose it would be easier to email and ask but I'd prefer to speculate and make up stuff instead. So much more fun, don't you think? And with all this talk about being 'detached from reality' all of a sudden, could it be that the globetrotting gardener's been cultivating items with hallucinogenic properties and sampling his own goods? Suddenly the pimptastic jacket and all those trips to Holland are starting to make rather startling sense. But who is Cheech to Graybo's Chong? Never fear, Parallax View will keep its nose to the ground to find the planted evidence.

Meanwhile, less interesting but actually possibly true, DBC Pierre has won the Booker Prize for Vernon God Little.


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