Thursday, October 23, 2003

Rosenior citizen to keep Brighton breezy?

Parallax View's commitment to public service continues apace as, in the blogging absence of Graybo (currently busy spliffing up and hallucinating about giant rhododendrums - *figuratively* speaking of course), I bring you news about his beloved Brighton & Hove Albion. When they had their manager pinched by Reading (now perish that thought) earlier this month I commented over at Graybo Gables that they could do worse than look at a couple of West Ham old boys in Iain Dowie and Leroy Rosenior as possible replacements, as both were performing minor miracles at Oldham and Torquay respectively.

Well, it seems that maybe the Brighton chairman has been keeping a close eye on Graybo's comment facility as the news has broken that Albion have indeed approached Torquay United about the availability of Rosenior. It'd certainly be good to see a black manager in charge of a relatively high-profile club, particularly by working through the ranks rather than the retired superstar route of Ruud Gullit and Jean Tigana.

Just one final thought though: where's me bloody commission, pal? As Graeme Garden(er) would say - double guh!!


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