Thursday, October 02, 2003


Off to sunny Bournemouth for the weekend, where stormy weather and a certain princess awaits. Anything, quite frankly, to keep away from the scary numbers of people visiting here (we've gone into four figures today alone) after a certain list of names. Erm, let me see, there was Dopey, Grumpy, Sleepy...c'mon help me out here...Doc, Sneezy, A.N.Other...and come on out Bashful, there's no point hiding, the game's well and truly up. Snow White has left the building...or has (s)he?

But anyway, I'm bored of it all now. The weekend's almost here, time to move on. Let's get back to the real reason for the internet and the quaint, old fashioned pastime of looking at pictures of gorgeous blonde women like Anka Romenski with no clothes on (not safe for work) (via gawper gawker).

Meanwhile, back in the murky world of blog, what would happen if you resumed updating after a few months absence with some blatant sideswipes at the London blogging elite and nobody seemed to notice much?

Don't worry Brooke, I won't let that happen to you.


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