Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Tania Do-Nascimento: glovely jubblyBig Brother 4's Tania Do-Nascimento is looking most un-piggylike in this photoshoot for Front magazine (link not safe for work). Notice though how her big manly hands are almost always obscured - by gloves; long sleeves or by just being out of picture.

Thank the Lord that West Ham got themselves sorted out with a new manager before the Tottscum saw fit to sack Glenn Hoddle. Hoddle has released a statement saying he looks forward to resuming his career as a manager at the highest level soon...supervising flying pigs, presumably. Mind you, there's rumours linking him with the vacant Reading job - I know chairman Madejski doesn't want another manager to get poached off him, but that's just ridiculous.

Meanwhile, the Tottscum are reported to be choosing between some German bloke who's been out of work since February and David Pleat's bessie mate Raddy Antic. Given that whoever takes charge at White Hart Lame can't sign any new players until January, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Hammers swap divisions with the Tottscum next term. Life can't be that sweet...can it?

A year or so back I mentioned that classic sitcom WKRP in Cincinnatti on this here weblog, and still get Google searches for 'Jan Smithers nude' to this day as a result. Tonight, I pass on the sad news that Gordon Jump, who played station boss Arthur Carlson on the hit show from 1978-82, has died aged 71. Even worse news for Google searchers is that I still haven't got any pictures of perky Jan Smithers without her shirt.

Not even Stevie Nicks can get by without commenting on the Britney-Madonna tonsil exchange, describing it as the most obnoxious moment in television history. Stevie goes on to say that "Real sexuality and sensuality is in the music, and all these girls, vis-a-vis, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and on and on, should go back to writing songs and start over because it won't last and they won't last."

Personally I'd have a lot more respect for Ms Nicks if she learnt to speak the English language a bit better. I dunno who vis-a-vis are, but they sound hot, somebody send me some pictures. Maybe Stevie is really concerned about these poor girls, but I'm guessing the real point to this story is right at the end - 'Fleetwood Mac performs[sic] at Rod Laver Arena on February 23. Tickets go on sale on Monday'.


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