Sunday, September 14, 2003

Kelly Brook counts her blessingsThere's a sneak preview of Kelly Brook's 2004 calendar in this week's News Of The World. If you've always fancied pinning the former Big Breakfast host against the wall the calendar is on sale for £7.99 and can be ordered via danilo.

Researchers in the US have concluded that lesbians are at higher risk of heart attack than straight women as they are less concerned with their body weight and have, on average, a higher body mass index. This is, of course, rubbish. Californian lesbians look like Jenna Jamieson, and I've seen all the videos to prove it. Those boffins ain't gonna pull the wool over my eyes, no sir.

Acclaimed Swedish thriller writer Henning Mankell gives his thoughtful and impassioned response to the Anna Lindh murder ahead of today's Euro poll vote.

The Times have the first review I've seen of the new JG Ballard novel Millennium People: "a cast of half-realised characters in a novel full of brilliant ideas".


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