Thursday, September 11, 2003

Ugh. Suffering from severely swollen glands (steady), a hurting head and a sore throat so I'm even more of a grumpynuts than normal so watch it.

In brief, condolences are in order to the family and friends of Sweden's popular Foreign Minister Anna Lindh. Senselessly stabbed to death while shopping in Stockholm just a few days after attacking US and Israeli foreign policy, who'd have thought it?

If you've been feeling deprived of eyecandy in my blogging absence here's a picture of Freddie Ljungberg's Calvin Klein ad via Arseblogger for my long-suffering female and gay readers (although it has to be said that some of the women from work feel that the Ljungberg lunchbox is less than 'fuckin' excellent'). And for the rest of you here's some snaps from the latest Britney Spears Rolling Stone photoshoot.

But I'll leave you tonight with this thought for the day - why are young writers afraid of sex scenes? In my humble view, the answer, as always, lies in pendulous bosoms.

Right, must go. Lemsip and hours of self-pity await...


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