Monday, September 08, 2003

The Human Stain: sexual dynamics don't quite washNow, let me see. Anthony Hopkins as a smooth and mustardy college professor called Coleman Silk, I can just about buy. Nicole Kidman as a mild-mannered janitor with an apparently expensive taste in lingerie is however a little bit more of a stretch. The said pair set to appear in explicit sex scenes together: I believe the appropriate internet expression is ewwww... Let's hope for Nic's sake Tony keeps his Hannibal mask on.

I'm looking forward to the Johnny Depp/Kathy Bates NC-17 follow-up sometime soon. But I'm not holding my breath. After all, auto-erotic asphyxiation was so 1995.

Meanwhile, The 8th Freaky Trigger Pop Music Focus Group results are in. While it's tempting to poke fun at grown men and women pretending to like Busted and saying things like 'you just haven't lived unless you've heard this sung by fifteen drunken lesbians in a disco' I still cringe a little at some of the comments I contributed to the (aborted) seventh focus group. Perhaps I was a tad hasty when I dismissed Xtina's Dirrty as 'the worst #1 in recent memory' but I'll probably be agreeing with myself again in a year or so, I guess...


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