Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Las Catch-Up

Willem Dafoe, Cate Blanchett and hip-again Bill Murray to head the cast of Wes Anderson's deep-sea Disney epic The Life Aquatic.

Steven Wells goes out on a limb and predicts big things for amputee football.

One of the big premieres at this year's Venice Film Festival is Bertolucci's incest pic The Dreamers. View the trailer here (a little armless nudity makes it not safe for work).

Guardian columnist and sometime Hawksbee and Jacobs contributor Martin Kelner is keeping an online journal: 'what with the warm weather, the school holidays, the Hutton inquiry, and the continued inability of West Ham to defend corners, I have been a little pre-occupied, so I am afraid August’s bollocks about Toblerone has been stuck up there on the Palace gates for rather too long.'

Jenyk may be old news to some, but I only recently came across this photolog which seems to specialise in mainly B&W shots of US indie girls with guitars. It's so reassuring to know someone's keeping a beady eye out for all that upcoming, um, talent.

It's not often a highly-sexed female turns up in my referrer's logs, sadly. So let's give a warm hand to Clear Blue's Princess who presents us with her inimitable 'diary of a submissive' all the way from sunny Bournemouth (probably not safe for work).

And while we're furtling in the referrer's logs mutual backslapping is also well overdue for Wildly Inaccurate (Grandaddy-loving Angelo is a Chelsea fan but we won't hold that against him as he has nice things to say about David James and Paolo DiCanio) and Ulterior (Razorhead is gay but still has problems with attention-seeking pussies).

Still bored? Go read a book. Did you buy Jennifer Government yet?


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