Saturday, September 27, 2003

Shakara LedardGina Gershon's Bahamian Rhapsody

In Showgirls Gina Gershon conveyed more lust for co-star Elizabeth Berkley with one predatory glare than floppy-fringed Kyle MacLachlan managed in five minutes of swimming-pool sexual gymnastics. But it was in Bound where Gina finally got her gal, her personal plumbing skills helping Jennifer Tilly go all wet and unnecessary in the steamy film noir from the makers of The Matrix. Since then Gershon's career choices have taken her on the straight-and-narrow back to undeserved obscurity. It's pretty clear cinemagoers only want to pay to see Gina's movies if she's exploring her sapphic side so it's no real surprise to see her getting back down to bisexual business in her new movie Prey For Rock and Roll (out in the US next month).

And if the role of an ageing lead singer in an all-girl band (rumoured to be loosely based on 70s band The Runaways) involved hanging out with Joan Jett and locking lips with Bahamian model Shakara Ledard (pictured left), who can really blame her? Point Break and Tank Girl star Lori Petty and The Sopranos' Drea DeMatteo um, 'flesh out' the cast. Gershon talks about the movie and her excitement at Ledard's casting to The Advocate here (link via Creepy Lesbo). I have no idea when this film's coming out in the UK but in the meantime we can view Ms Ledard's not-safe-for-work forthcoming attractions here.


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