Monday, October 06, 2003

The Frog and the Princess

So yes, I'm back from Bournemouth. Did I have a good time? Sun, sea, sand, more fish than you could shake your rod at, and a glamorous tour guide for company, what was not to love?

Things seem to have been relatively quiet over the weekend, so I don't appear to have missed much. Except this: the most ridiculous soccer rumour on the internet yet. Since recent events have prompted me to try to factcheck everything, I had a quiet word with Mrs Arseblogger and she assures me Ireland's hottest export to Spain fills out his Calvin Kleins with much more elan than Master Ljungberg ever did. So there. Meanwhile, on that other football story, those of you still interested should keep an eye out for a rumoured major development in the tabloids tomorrow morning.

Elsewhere, what's wrong with this not safe for work picture? Nope, it's not that you can see Sugababe Mutya Buena's nipple-ring through her transparent top - after all, her latest video reveals pretty clearly how pleased she is with her breasts these days. Now I could be wrong but that looks like the vaguest trace of a smile on Mutya's lips, and you can certainly file that under U for unusual. Who knows though, maybe somebody just told her the dissappointing sales figures for former member Siobhan Donaghy's debut solo album...

And finally, this week's Parallax View Single Of The Week is...not The Strokes' newie (although it is starting to grow on me a bit) but Coma Girl by Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros the first release from the posthumous Streetcore album, of which I've heard mixed reports on its killer:filler ratio. There's no real doubt about the pedigree of Coma Girl though, it's a catchy radio-friendly number, sounding more like a Mick Jones song than a Strummer in truth. Strangely it seems to be missing from the Radio 1 playlists which is a pity because its choppy guitars and melancholic chorus should appeal to fans of The Libertines (who The Guardian have kindly informed us are the best band in Britain today) and its plaintive tone is given obvious added poignancy by Strummer's sad death since the tune was recorded. On CD2 you get live versions of Jimmy Cliff's 'The Harder They Come' and 2-Tone tribute 'Rudi, A Message To You' plus the video of the title song, and if that doesn't give good value-for-money for a measly couple of quid, you're a right tight-fisted git, aren't you?

Back to work tomorrow, so things will return to as normal as they ever were regarding frequency of updates. I have a backlog of reviews to work through, and no doubt there'll be the usual mischief, rumour-mongering, bad puns and pictures of celebrities who've carelessly forgotten to put on their underwear. And if you promise to eat all your supper up without moaning you might even get a few links and reminiscences from Bournemouth. I spoil you lot, really I do.

'Til then, my name's David James, goodnight ( dept.).


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