Saturday, August 06, 2005

Cook'd and Bombed

Robin Cook RIP. The bearded, gnome-like fellow was a crucial link between the Kinnock and Blair eras, one symbolically severed by his resignation from the Cabinet over the Iraq invasion. A rare conviction politician, then, who will be sadly missed.

Happier news in Editorsland as the Birmingham-based four-piece have stormed to No.13 in the album charts with their debut The Back Room. I've listened to the record about half-a-dozen times now, and if you can get beyond the obvious heavy debts it owes to both Joy Division and Interpol, it is a strong release, with the ferocious Fingers In The Factories perhaps the launchpad for them to forge their own identity much further on the follow-up. Editors will be playing 2pm next Saturday at Summer Sundae.

Just a week away from the start of the new Premiership season, some investors are apparently looking to buy my club West Ham for £70m. However, according to this report the organisation involved have been the centre of allegations in Brazil that they are a front for a money-laundering operation and/or they have close links to Chelski owner Roman Abramovitch...

You may not have heard of the book since Waterstone's pulled all adverts for it following the 'morbid co-incidence' of its' release on 7/7 but Incendiary by Chris Cleave is an essential purchase, even if it's perhaps not the best choice for reading on the tube at the moment. The book takes the form of an open letter to Osama from a young woman whose husband and son were both killed by a suicide bomber inside Arsenal's spanking new stadium, and is funny, provocative and moving, not to say eerily prescient in its description of a panicky and besieged London. It's all far-fetched in one respect, though, as any fool knows the only people to hate the French enough to blow up the Gunners would be the Bush administration themselves...

That IRA statement in full. Twenty Major style, that is.

Blog-Life Crisis. No comment.

Blurry but still Not-Safe-For-Work nipple shot of OC 'hottie' Mischa Barton (via

MUSIC HURTS. As anyone who's ever dropped their iPod on their toes will tell you.

The Telescopes ready their fourth studio album (imaginatively entitled #4) for September 12 release. Take it from someone who knows: buy the album, skip the live shows.

Finally, Parallax View Single Of The Week is Hold Up by Ladyfuzz, which is the sound of Yeah Yeah Yeahs marinating in Blondie melodies before someone tosses in a hand-grenade containing Jesus and Mary Chain guitar shards. The resulting glorious mess can be downloaded from here.

Oh, and happy birthday to Nadean (no sp) for tomorrow. And congratulations to Holly Hunter on the announcement she's expecting twins at 47. Crazy lady. Nadean, that is, not Holly Hunter, who is, as we all know, a Hollywood actress of some repute.



Blogger highrise said...

Very pleased to read of the Editors album...

Any news on that RSS feed yet?

8:29 PM  
Blogger creepylesbo said...

That Blog Life Crisis is brilliant.

10:46 AM  
Blogger Dead Kenny said...

Vicky, I'll sort out that feed thingy sooner or later, but for the moment I can't be RSS'd. When somebody explains to me what a server path is, it might be a good start.

Creepy, I think I nicked that link off Vicky but forgot to credit, so all thanks should be geared in her direction.

6:17 PM  

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