Saturday, July 23, 2005


Some quick links to keep you suitably amused/enlightened/whatever until my next long, rambling post (possibly a book review compendium) emerges from its gestation.

In case you haven't checked it out yet, the trailer for the upcoming King Kong movie is now online. Film is due out December 14, and after the universal acclaim heaped upon Peter Jackson for the LOTR trilogy, I'm expecting the critics to give this one a rough ride. Personally though, a wet and wild Naomi Watts being chased around by a horny, crazy ape sounds like my sort of film. Hell, even sounds like my sort of dreams.

Meanwhile, Drowned In Sound review Supersonic, which is worth a browse as they saw some of the bands (in particular the highly rated Dalek and Battles) that I didn't catch and was therefore unable to cover in my own report a couple of weeks back.

And while we're talking about music festivals, I'm highly tempted by the prospect of The Fiery Furnaces, Jose Gonzalez et al performing at Iceland Airwaves on Oct 19-23. From their press release -

'It's 4 a.m. You've been to five cool clubs, seen ten great bands, made 15 new friends and fallen in love 20 times. You're tired. You're wired. You're ready to find a bed. You're ready to find the after-party. You can't believe you're here. You're already making plans to come back next year. And guess what? It's still Day One.'

Doohan to earth. Scotty RIP. His ashes have been sent out into space. No news on whether bagpipes were played, though.

Tegan and Sara's uncle is a radio ham with his own website.

Music Men have details of all upcoming singles and albums released in the UK, amongst other music-related content.

Which brings us neatly to this week's Parallax View Single Of The Week, which is Gold Mine Gutted by Bright Eyes, off Conor Oberst's 'electronic' album 'Digital Ash In A Digital Urn'. The song itself is OK, but it's the mesmerising and melancholic keyboard motif that really gets under your skin and lifts the record into the lofty heights of SOTW territory.

Getting some complaints about lack of non-work-safe material on Parallax View. And I thought you all came here for my views on Dawn Of The Replicants! This isn't really the direction the site's heading so you'll have to make do for now with this coy-but-cute pic of Eastenders star Michelle Ryan in Arena magazine (tasteful semi-nudity but possibly still not work safe). Nice eyes. No, I mean nice eyes.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Spiritualized's Jason Pierce. Poor bloke at least has his Medication to hand.

Sleeve Notes has kindly uploaded a huge mp3 of a 17-minute live set from Lady Sovereign. Is Lady Sov grime or crunk? I honestly can't remember.

Stay safe, people. More soon! Maybe.


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