Sunday, July 17, 2005

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If Dead Kenny's memory serves him correctly (it'd be a first, but stay with us) it's Grandmaster Andy's birthday this weekend, so many happy returns. And even if it's not, and Dead Kenny's wildly wrong, still visit his site anyway for an alternative view of last weekend's Supersonic festival in Birmingham (with pictures!) plus a review of strangeTime's debut gig at Scruffy Murphy's on Friday night. strangeTime feature Fincho aka Kate aka Postman Phill's significant other, who was, according to Donna, going to be wearing 'PVC bits' so Dead Kenny's non-attendance was clearly his loss.

While we're in back-slapping mode, congratulations are also due to Graybo on the news that he is to become a father. In anticipation of the arrival of the mewling infant (complete with bald head and designer shades, natch) Dead Kenny consulted his various multiple personalities on what young Master Spencer's first words might be, and our survey said:

74% thought: Gah!

16% thought: Guh!

5% thought: Too busy to talk right now, got to go to a conference in Amsterdam!

4% thought: Great new Weebl animation!

and just 1% thought:

Fruit smoothies down the nursery with Brandon, Kylie, Apple, Ipod, Nephew Tom Cobleigh and all. Great fun!

Time will tell, no doubt, but that's a funny sort of name if you ask me.

Meanwhile Fluxblog is hosting some rather inspired mp3s at the moment, including Ladytron's 'Destroy Everything You Touch' and the charmingly-titled 'Kirsten Is A Fuck Machine' by a band called Tiger Tunes.

Nevertheless, this week's selection for Parallax View Single Of The Week is 'Ageless Beauty' by Stars, a luscious (and indeed, LUSH-ous) piece of guitar-fuzz pop which you can download for free from here.

Probably the best track I've heard recently, though, is 'Teenage Winter', the penultimate song on Saint Etienne's classy concept-pop album Tales From Turnpike House which contains a line about a character called Eddie who bids for a 1980-81 Subbuteo catalogue, wins it, then 'puts it in a drawer and forgets about it'. This seemed quite timely for Dead Kenny who has recently become a late, late adopter to the online trading craze. Of course, he's only used it for essential items like, um, Ladytron sugarcubes and The Departure fridge magnets, which, yes, you guessed it, he put away in a drawer.

Mind you, Dead Kenny did get his hands on a cheap mint copy of Fisherman's Woman, an album of delectably hushed comedown pop by Emiliana Torrini. And on looking at the lyric booklet, it appears Dead Kenny owes the Icelandic muse an apology, as back in February we poked a bit of fun in her direction for the lyrics 'some things don't change/my middle name's still Liz' on the single 'Sunny Road', when in fact the line should read: 'my middle name's still Risk'. Much clearer now, if only slightly more logical. Milly Risk Torrini, Dead Kenny is truly sorry.

PV does get some things right, however, as we were by far and away the first blog to give a shout out to Birmingham's Editors when we made 'Bullets' our Single Of The Week at the turn of the year, a full week before Zane Lowe followed suit, three whole weeks before industry insiders Music Week blew their trumpet and a colossal four weeks before NME gave them a rather tepid single review. Later today, the band look set to crash into the Top 20 with their third single 'Blood' (their weakest release to date, in Dead Kenny's view, being let down by a clumsy chorus, although the coroscating guitarwork is still in fine working order). Editors seem to have won the PR wars with The Departure to become Britain's pre-eminent Interpol clones, although to be fair to the Northampton lot, 'Dirty Words' sounds more like Depeche Mode's 'Violator' than Carlos D & Co. anyway, and is a cruelly under-valued record.

Turning thoughts more locally, went to see young Shropshire bluesgrass duo The Badgers at The Haygate in Wellington on Thursday night. Some fine guitar-pickin' and a rather lovely cover of Bob Dylan's 'One More Cup Of Coffee' made for an entertaining set (if you'll pardon the pun). Someone called Nonny James from BBC Radio has called them 'amazing' and you won't catch Dead Kenny arguing with someone with a name like that, hey nonny no.

Just slightly better known on the international arena, Bruce Springsteen has granted an interview to Nick Hornby in today's Observer. Amongst other nuggets, Bruce reveals a fondness for Suicide; Pulp; Sleater-Kinney and, perhaps slightly more surprisingly, Keiran Hebden's Four Tet.

And, finally, anyone for dessert?

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Anonymous graybo said...

Summer Sundae - ooo! The Bays! The Bays!

GraySprog - ultrasound scans show that he/she already has a laptop on his/her lap, plus the shades of course. And no hair.

8:04 PM  
Blogger Dead Kenny said...

Oops - yes I was being rather presumptuous about the dominance of your genes there, G. He/She indeed.
Must be a bugger having to give yourself paternity leave when you're self-employed, though, eh?

9:17 PM  
Anonymous graybo said...

Actually, there's a conference in Germany the week after the baby is due, so my line might be "sorry, can't stop to change nappies, I'm off to a conference in Germany". (Although I get the feeling that I might get a clout round the ear if I go!)

7:34 AM  

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