Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Pushing The Boundary

Dead Kenny gazes through the misty summer rain into next week's record releases and he sees a little silhouetto and it's not scaramouche, scaramouche and neither is it a bloomin' fandango, it is in fact Outlines another spiffing new single chalked up by Clor, their follow-up to Single Of The Year contender 'Love + Pain'.

It's the sound of Squeeze if they'd been raised on the rings of Saturn rather than deepest Deptford, full of space-age bleeps and feelgood sentiments and a much-needed 'Mis-Shapes' for the happy-slappy generation that's more fun than using BB6 Saskia's breasts as a bouncy castle for your lovejuice.

'Outlines', then: more than just a trace of genius. Consider it, um, pencilled in as Parallax View Single Of The Week.


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