Sunday, June 05, 2005

Parallax View Single Of The Week

Of course, this was the week when the irritating twerp with that repetitive motif we've heard a million times before, returned to the fore and hit the charts to confirm once more his inexplicable popularity. Just as well then, that Crazy Frog also put a record out, to keep Chris Martin and his Coldplay cronies from Number 1, eh?

This was also the week when we laughed so hard on hearing that the new Bravery single had missed out on the Top 40 we almost ran over ourselves while reversing. CAUTION: Clinical depression is always closer than you think.

Monday (31st) saw the release of lead singles by The White Stripes (Blue Orchid) and Foo Fighters (Best Of You). Fine records both, but as they're likely to be almost as ubiquitous as 'Speed Of Sound' there's really no need for further publicity from here.

And so, runner-up is You're So Good from Joy Zipper in which Vincent and Tabitha surprisingly beef things up with a bluesy feel that gives an extra propulsion to their normal summery soundscapes. B-side 'Rockdove' sees Vincent assume vocal lead, asking 'are you a hawk or a dove?' over (and over and over) cheesy 70s keyboards and gentle waves of guitar, instead of the usual cocktails and canapes. Combined, this makes for a splended aperatif to their new album 'The Heartlight Set' (out in the UK on Monday 6th).

But not even the sight of Tabitha, hands on hips, wearing a burberry-style mini-skirt and knee-length boots on the picture cover can displace this week's winner, Fallen Leaves by Teenage Fanclub, where the autumnal title belies the fact that this is a classic summer radio song from the best songwriters working from Britain in the last fifteen years. Released on the band's own Pema Records, and with just a hint of the Dinosaur Jr guitar fuzz with which they started their career, this record is so unarguably lovely that if you fail to be seduced by it you really weren't worth fucking anyway.


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