Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Captain Easybored

Parallax View Single Of The Week is Love Is An Unfamiliar Name by The Duke Spirit, the final taster track before their debut album 'Cuts Across The Land' scythes into stores on May 16. Although the bulk of this album was recorded last spring, the single is a recent addition and is their most powerful and immediate track since 'Red Weather'. The record company snafus that have delayed the release of the album appear to have worked in favour of Liela Moss & Co. as their distinctive blend of rock 'n' roll voodoo (earthy but also perversely other-worldly) stands them usefully apart from the Britpop wannabes, New Cross chancers and post-punk poseurs that are currently overpopulating the 'alternative' scene. The DVD format includes the rather spooky promo.

Talking of much-delayed albums, Britain's Best Pop Band (Ever?) (TM) Ladytron have announced the title and release date of their third long-player (and first for Island Records). 'Witching Hour' is upon us on August 23, but while we are waiting there is a sweetener in the form of a single, 'Sugar' (out June 13).

Phill Huxley interviews The House Of Love in glorious Realplayer.

Also over at the Beeb they've apparently banned the new Misty's Big Adventure song on account of its political content. Birmingham blogger Andy Pryke was unavailable for comment, missing presumably doing something cultural, but I suspect that Grandmaster Gareth's biggest fan will be planning some form of protest, such as boycotting the omnibus edition of Eastenders, or something.

Old news now, I know, but in case you missed the shows, these were Jarvis Cocker's Desert Island Discs.

You know, one more BBC link and I'll have just about paid for my licence fee - Joy Zipper played a couple of tracks from their new record 'The Heartlight Set' on Gideon Coe's 6Music show yesterday (click on the audio link to Tuesday's show on the right of the page, will only work until Monday).

Underexposed: photos from the indie scene.

Cronenberg's 'A History Of Violence' premieres at Cannes later this month. There's nothing much at the official site yet, but it's worth bookmarking.

All's Well Jezebel is a diablog from an aspiring actress. And we all like those, don't we? (Cue applause).

DVD release news: Arthur Penn's mighty Night Moves (1975) and season 1 of The L Word get overdue Region 2 treatment towards the end of June.

If you like mp3 blogs Chips and Cookies is currently taking the indie biscuit. Indeed, you'd be nuts not to download goodies by the likes of Iron and Wine, Nine Inch Nails and Emiliana Torrini. (via TMFTML)

And finally, a sneak preview of upcoming movie 'Hooligans' in which, somewhat improbably, Elijah Wood plays 'a more world worn, rounded person... that likes to punch out those bastards that don't like West Ham.' Which, let's face it, sounds like a distinct improvement on the LOTR trilogy from where Dead Kenny's standing.



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