Sunday, April 24, 2005

Rack 'Em

STATUS UPDATE: My blueyonder email account still not working properly, please use the supanet address or this one until further notice.

Inspector Sands investigates Birmingham and declares it's not all hairy people and silly accents, after all. Didn't meet up with any of the Birmingham Blogging Elite(TM)then, obviously!

Talking of which, the courageously, and indeed, iconically coiffured Ben has been canvassing the political views of several eminent bloggers and a few offline chums all week. Dead Kenny declined to participate as he prefers to leave party political discussions for those who still have hope left for civilised society.

Meanwhile, Vicky is back after a brief strop, but Nath is now taking time out because she's too tired and busy (an excuse Dead Kenny has heard from many a woman in his time, sadly). Parallax View is sending her a PA with massage skills on the next flight to Belgium.

Stylus Magazine review the week's UK singles in which the indiefans and dance fans seem to cancel each other out so pretty much all the songs get between 4 and 5 out of 10. 'Retreat' by The Rakes is particularly harshly dealt with, methinks.

However, if you prefer the longer format (steady, ladies) you might want to take a look at The Best 30 Albums Of 2005 as ranked by Metacritic users. They're wrong, though.

And if you're still hungry for yet more music poop, AngryApe is a Manchester-based webzine concentrating on non-commercial areas of the business. Not the place to find any Gorillaz, then.

Keep an ear out for Idiot Pilot who look set to bring the house down when their debut album 'Strange We Should Meet Here' is officially re-released through Reprise Records on May 17. They do a song called 'To Buy A Gun' which is part dreamy Oxford guitar pop and part death metal and as such is the best crossover since the Iron Bridge. You can download an mp3 of this, plus 2 other songs, from here.

The makers of Slatch want to show us their etchings at Tiny Showcase.

Laura Modern Age previews the new White Stripes album.

And finally, Dead Kenny's life is now complete since he's seen this picture of Eleanor from the Fiery Furnaces with fingers in both holes...


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