Saturday, May 14, 2005

Bai Ling Out

Not much out to get excited about singles-wise next week, but don't despair, as there are two corkers released the week after (May 23rd). For starters, there's Forever Lost, by The Magic Numbers, the first new band Oasis have ever liked that are actually any good, and who are set to go massive in the summer (in truth, they're pretty 'cuddly' now). It's a great summer radio song that's frisky in a pleasantly absent-minded way without ever descending into the horrible tweeness of, say, the new record by The Coral (that upbringing on Can and Beefheart records was clearly wasted on them).

Possibly less familiar to you will be 'Loneliness Shines' by Malcom Middleton, the Arab Strap multi-instrumentalist producing the most surprising solo breakout single since Graham Coxon freaked out last spring. The lyrics are as self-deprecating and downbeat as you might expect, but the guitarwork is so lively and energising this is a record you could happily play at parties without bringing down the mood.

Elsewhere -

Bai Ling's Playboy photo shoot (NSFW) that may have cost her an appearance in the new Star Wars film.

Birmingham goes Supersonic in July. This looks interesting, with Colder; OutHud; Stuart Braithwaite; Martin Creed and Robert Lippok from To Rococo Rot making appearances, amongst others, in what looks like being an ATP for the Second City.

This article has provoked some discussion in the blogosphere (yes, I really did type that) but I don't personally believe that ex-NME hack Sarah Dempster's problem is she's getting old (if you feel like a veteran when you've just turned 30 you're probably taking yourself way too seriously, anyway) but just that, I suspect on the basis of this lazy lifestyle article, she and her dinner-party friends have always been boring and had terrible taste in music.

Low cancel tour citing Alan Sparrowhawk's general lack of mental stability. If only Pete Doherty would take note.

LiveJournal of a girl who posts photos from Birmingham indie gigs (including last week's Arcade Fire show).

Not one but two secret new David Lynch films due for release?

Could life get more exciting? Hell yes, Bret Easton Ellis' first new novel for several years, Lunar Park is due for release in October and advance copies are already showing up on eBay.

And finally...Nath is back blogging again, with a menage a trois, a re-evaluation of The Who, Brad Pitt in a West Ham hat, and, um, some Big Ass Titties.


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