Saturday, July 30, 2005

In A Hole

Crime author Edward Bunker has died aged 71. Bunker was an ex-lag who found prison sells through putting his experiences to use in compiling seedy stories of life in and out of gaol, packed with grim verisimilitude and what can perhaps be best described as a stoic nihilism. Ulu Grosbard's Straight Time (1978) and Steve Buscemi's Animal Factory (2000) were both based on his work, while Bunker also wrote the screenplay for Andrei Konchalovsky's tense melodrama Runaway Train (1985).

Lupine Howl

Talking of deep trouble, artrocker Patrick Wolf's people have released this statement about his upcoming court appearance on charges of stealing his neighbour's jewelry. Hilarious stuff, can't comment much further as it is sub judice but I hope for Wolfie's sake that whoever wrote this PR piece isn't representing him in court...

Joy Unconfined

PV faves Joy Zipper have a myspace account where Tabitha Tindale intends to get a few things off her not-inconsiderable chest in a daily blog starting next week. Or, in her own words -

"I have decided to give the honest back story of Joy Zipper. It's so oddly full of twists and turns and ups and downs. It's mainly something that Vinny and I need to get off our chests. We're really starting to feel like it's a new day in Joy Zipper world and in order to move on I'd like to write the whole story. It's going to take a while but I promise I'll try and post a new blog everyday. Stay tuned...

Starts Monday.."

A Lot Of Wind

The Prykemeister is nothing if not a magnet for national news stories as he provides an on-the-spot report and amazing photographs of this week's Moseley Tornado. Phill rounds up the news reports on what some locals are already dubbing 'a bostin' storm'...

Hang on to your hats for more updates soon(ish).


Anonymous Brenda said...

I was very sorry to hear of the death of Ed Bunker (Mr Blue). I can only say that after reading "Mr Blue. Memoirs of a Renegade" that it moved me so much, I sought out all of his books. The lack of self pity and acceptance of his circumstances was a revelation. A great loss. My condolences to his wife and son Brendan

8:52 AM  

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