Sunday, September 26, 2004

It's Only Mackem Roll But I Like It (Like It)

Golden Virgins are, of course, always welcome here at Parallax View Towers, particularly when they're a rock group from Sunderland exhuming the spirit of Dinosaur Jr and giving it a power-pop twist as evidenced on PV Single Of The Week Renaissance Kid. The single's out October 4 on XL Recordings, and they're playing the Little Civic in Wolverhampton the following day (that's the 5th, if you were having difficulty keeping up).

Talking of the renaissance, which we were in a roundabout fashion, Koons Really Does Think He's Michelangelo is the latest weblog from Uncut contributor Marcello Carlin, whose inexhaustive posts always contain good stuff, even if at times he reminds me why magazines employ editors (via Carlin Academy alumna Nath)


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