Saturday, September 25, 2004

Idol Thoughts

Of course, as Britain's Ugliest Blogger (TM), even as a young man the concept of a movie star girlfriend just seemed too fanciful to entertain, even as wistful fantasy. But if you're really pushing me for an answer, I have to admit to (literally) fancying the arse off Valeria Golino in Rain Man (1988)

Robyn's choice of a certain Eric Stoltz did cause some consternation in Parallax View Towers, however. For me, the introduction of any scene where a stunningly attractive woman voluntarily chooses to go to bed with pasty ginge Mr Stoltz has damagingly strained the credibility of any number of otherwise half-decent movies he's been in. In fact, the only believable screen sex scene featuring Stoltz has to be where he gets a blow-job in return for higher grades in Roger Avary's adaptation of The Rules Of Attraction, surely?

But, just goes to show how much Dead Kenny knows, huh?


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