Monday, January 05, 2004

You Really Got Me

I'm not sure this is exactly what we need right now, but the 2004 Bloggies awards are upon us once more. But look on the bright side of things, it'll no doubt give us some new people to be spiteful, vindictive, vicious, suspicious and jealous about for the New Year. Peruse my blogroll (zat long list of blogs in the left-hand sidebar) to select your scapegoats nominees.

So, apart from weblog awards, what the world needs now is not love, sweet love, but of course...more lists of the best records of 2003, this time courtesy of Deviated Septum and No Matter What You Heard. The latter site's always good value for choosing 'most over-rated' albums of the year...this year's list has Blur's 'Think Tank' (no arguments from me, there); The Postal Service's 'Give Up' (from what I've heard from this, can't see what the fuss is there myself) and...and...Grandaddy's 'Sumday' (lest we forget, #7 in my own personal Top 40 of the year). That thar's fighting talk, Steve!

All these 'best of 2003' lists may seem a little 'retro' all of a sudden, but a lot of the albums dominating these recent American lists have (to my knowledge) not been properly released in the UK (although may be available on import). These include albums from The Shins; The Constantines; The Wrens and Ted Leo And The Pharmacists. Therefore, allowing for some transatlantic variances in taste, some of these may turn out to be some of this spring's sonically significant releases. Although nothing has yet dislodged my view that Franz Ferdinand's 'Take Me Out' will conquer Britain in a bloodless coup sometime on and around January 12th. Resistance is as futile as chasing muggers in New Orleans, and could turn out just as messy.

Of course, the latest hype in the music industry has divided pundits across the country - are they the dumbest, most cynical piece of market-driven manipulation or the biggest fun since spacehoppers and sherbet fountains? I'm referring, naturally, to The Dark Busts, three teenage multi-ethnic hotties let loose on their parents' record collections and Cher's hand-me-down outfits, whose debut single, a whose-tongue-in-whose-cheek-exactly cover of Girlschool's Hit and Run is set to hit the shelves the first Thursday in April. Lemmy, we hear, is producing, and the b-side, another cover, this time of Suzi Quatro's 'Devil Gate Drive', comes complete with an eight-minute drum solo which when played backwards carries a subliminal message aimed at ageing rockers advising them of the safety hazards of riding quadbikes without due care and attention. Industry insiders predict a career trajectory 'as fast and classy as a Britney Spears wedding'. Let's hope that means The Dark Busts are set to lift and separate within 24 hours, then.

Update: This just in from the girls' PR Team -
'The Dark Busts will not, repeat not, be splitting...but we're not ruling out cleavage by the third video.'


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