Saturday, January 03, 2004

Big Gayheart

It seems we finally do get to know what Rebecca Gayheart did last summer, too.* Turns out she's as careless with her bikini top (not safe for work) as she was driving when she ran over that ten-year-old kid a couple of years back.

Normal service will resume on Parallax View from January 5, and, fret not, Mason and Dixon Watch will also be making a return following the seasonal break. In the meantime, Ben has been busy listing his favourite albums, singles and gigs of 2003. And if you're still bored, you might want to have a nibble at Beatnik Salad where Ryan airs his views on such topics as His Dark Materials; Christian bloggers and Bill Hicks. Now if only he did a few rock show reviews, I could have worked in a mention of Ryan's gigs - it feels like such a lost opportunity, don't you think?

I'm not ruling out updates in the interim until the 5th, but what there will be, will be sporadic. So let me take my first opportunity in 2004 to wish all Parallax View readers a Happy New Year.

*OK, film stude pedant, Ms Gayheart was in Scream 2 and Urban Legends:Final Cut but didn't actually appear in I Know What You Did Last Summer 2. It's called artistic licence, right?


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