Sunday, January 04, 2004

Just a brief update tonight to wish my brother a happy birthday. And also worth a mention is the caption in The Sun for Telford's giantkilling over Crewe Alexandra yesterday: Hey you, we rocked steady Crewe, which put my own sub-editing effort to shame. Sometimes you have to swallow some pride and just hand it to the professionals. Not such a bright weekend for their sister paper News Of The World which confidently predicts Manchester City will sign not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR (count'em) goalkeepers in the transfer window. Not even City boss Kevin Keegan's that crazy, surely?

Meanwhile, no doubt many of you are preparing to return to work on Monday for the first time since Xmas. This daunting prospect may be tempting some of you to get away from it all and start afresh with doing something you actually enjoy for a living. It's a very fashionable prospect, but as with all things trendy, there may be hidden drawbacks. This article about the potential pitfalls of downshifting out of the rat race is well worth reading - often less lucrative occupations offer similar (or greater) levels of stress for much less reward. But don't get too depressed about this, as research suggests controlled levels of work stress actually strengthen your immune system. So stop reading this blog and back to work, you slackers.


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