Monday, January 12, 2004

Shepherd Well And Truly Flocked

It's not been a good week for writers at the Express Group, what with the much-publicised Mr Kilroy Silk doing his best pub landlord impression and offending everybody with smug ease, and now high profile sports journalist Rob Shepherd getting banged up for 14 months following a bit of a fracas in a wine bar. Apparently he was having a row with his wife over lingerie before biting a man in the face over a mobile phone. So arguments over knickers and Nokias have left Rob nackered, if you see what I mean. I know Rob's a Hammers fan, but that's a pretty extreme way of escaping the torment of our current torrid season. Gizza job, Express Group, 'cos that's Shepherds all over: you just can't get the staff, these days.

OK, I'll get me goat.


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