Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Blog Snorkelling

Spoke too soon, it seems, about Easyspace's infernal servers, so who knows when you'll actually get around to reading this. But I thought in the meantime, it was long overdue for me to take a glance around the blogging scene to see what some of the others are up to as 2004 starts to kick into gear. Best place to start is perhaps the announcement of the Bloggie nominees for 2004 and congratulations are due to James, Francis, Belle and Bookslut for making the cut from my blogroll.

But it's not all dishing out awards and the nice stuff in life round here, you know. In fact, for some bloggers, 2004 has already got off to a shit start. Dear old Inspector Sands from Casino Avenue got mugged at the weekend, and as Parallax View takes assaults on a police officer seriously, we're appealing for witnesses. The Charlton mugger is clearly quite athletic as Sands was said to be shifting at the time. Things haven't been much better for Lindsay whose life started to resemble a Strokes album title when her appartment went to blazes, leaving the NYC hottie to blog from a temporary address. Hmm...blogspot, that's where I could be heading back to at this rate.

Still, Lindsay hasn't been short of a consoling arm or two in her moment of need, as these photos from a hip blogging party attest. From which, Audrey MelodyNelson deserves special attention, for being hotter than Africa. Those lips, those eyes, and a love for Interpol...it's just as well the Atlantic Ocean will save me from further embarrassment.

And I'm not gonna even begin to try to make sense of all the comings and goings over at Creepy Lesbo, but suffice to say she hates people right now, despite kissing Bitchface when she was seeing Fatfuck. Meanwhile Robyn enjoyed a lust-fuelled Christmas roaming the streets looking for last-minute contraception and has been guilt-racked so much since she's got herself a trendy new haircut to avoid identification. She also suggests a possible link between the dissappearance of Dan Venusberg and the rise of Franz Ferdinand, sounds barmy enough for there to be something in it. Congratulations to FF, btw, for getting to Number 3 in the pop charts with 'Take Me Out' - not that this should be too much of a surprise to regular readers here at PV as way back in November I was predicting Top 5 greatness for said track. Just occasionally, you know, I do know what I'm talking about.

Meanwhile, Brooke, not to be outdone, has been sharing a 17-year-old with a good friend and also gives us the heads up that Luke has returned to the blogging fray (and is talking about, guess who, Franz Ferdinand). Brooke's permalinks still don't seem to be working properly, though. Maybe they will when she moves things over to her new home.

Apologies for those I've missed, maybe I'll catch up with the next round-up. And as for me, I have a wisdom tooth problem. Feel my pain, readers!

Still, better go to work, I suppose.

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