Friday, October 08, 2004

Parallax View Hits The Pan

After days of sweating and struggling, I've finally produced a linkdump worthy of the name. Let's plough straight on with the announcement of this week's Parallax View Single Of The Week, and with Cuts Across The Land Liela Moss and The Duke Spirit mow down the opposition and prove the scythe's the limit. The DVD contains vids for this and the preceding single (a weaker song but a more excitingly shot promo) but the standard CD is also worth getting as the additional newie 'Souvenir' is no mere trinket. And while you're at it, you may as well get the 7" single if for no other reason than black vinyl's rather lovely, isn't it?

Meanwhile, Holly (Crash, The Piano, Broadcast News etc.) Hunter makes her London stage debut in By The Bog Of Cats; William Friedkin's To Live And Die In LA (arguably the best cop thriller of the 80s) finally gets a Region 2 DVD release while Paul Schrader's Hardcore makes its similarly overdue bow on Region 1; ScaryDuck starts a literary debate and The Concretes open up their record collection - 'Milberg and Bergsman are evangelical about a Brighton-based all-female band called Electrelane. "They have a song called The Valleys which, if there was any justice in the world, would change the way music was made," says Milberg. "It's a long time since I have heard something so innovative. The girl who writes the songs plays saxophone, organ, guitar, piano, and she sings. You are not meant to be able to play that many different instruments! On The Valleys they have a huge choir, and it sounds like 50 guys singing their hearts out."'

Elsewhere, in the murky, convoluted world of blog where we've said bye to Boudoir, Belle de Jour, TMFTML et al, welcome aboard to Twenty Major (who'd like to see Mark Chapman released to see if he could make a meaningful contribution to society, like getting rid of Paul McCartney as well); PopGun Riot (who thinks Kirsten Dunst looks a little like a younger Debbie Harry); No Emotions Please delivers 'more wanky introspection, I'm afraid' from a recovering alcoholic currently working for John Prescott's department; Like Anna Karina's Sweater is brainy about film and completing this blogging round-up Angelo has made a welcome return to the fray following a six-month lay-off.

But before we wash and go, some long overdue eye-candy over at Strawberry Sucker (safe-ish for work).


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