Thursday, October 14, 2004

Dead Space

Apologies for the lack of updates over the last week, but you'll be sad/mad/glad to know that, unlike Janet Leigh (she's faced her final shower curtain); Christopher Reeve (you'll believe a man can die); Aussie all-rounder Keith Miller (he had 'a good innings') and Jacques Derrida (will his body decompose or simply de-construct?), Dead Kenny is still very much as alive as a dead fella can be. We'd supply you with the lynx but here at Parallax View Towers we're currently suffering from a wildcat strike.

It's not been a good week or so for R'n'B stars either: in the 70s it was an A-Bomb on Wardour Street but in 2004 it's dynamite rocking the foundations, and rapper Beanie Sigel has been jailed for 12 months (apparently 'lyrics from Sigel's next album, in which he fantasises about taking vengeance on his enemies by pouring acid on their children and raping their girlfriends' didn't help convince the jury he'd turned the corner in his life).

Moving on, we have a big album review compendium brewing (including Interpol, Fiery Furnaces and Radio 4, amongst others) but to keep you going until then, take a look at the best promo vid Dead Kenny has seen so far this year, 'Pass It On' by Swedish electropop duo The Knife, which you can download in all its 13mb quicktime glory from this page.

Football or breasts, it's difficult to choose between them sometimes, isn't it? But now you don't have to, as this West Ham lass (not safe for work, via upton lark) promises to get naked every time West Ham win a game (shy girl, then, obviously). Should see the Hammers get a bit of support from the neutrals, then, as well as giving the Upton Park faithful a rare chance to gawp at some recent cups. And we need all the help we can get, as we currently don't have a fit centre-half going into the weekend's game against high-flying and newly-hip QPR.

Still bored? Write Anja a story. About how they fight crime.

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