Friday, April 09, 2004

Take Your Hat Off, Boy, When You're Talking To Me

So, once again, I feel the need to apologise for the unexpected gap in transmission over here at Parallax View. I've been busying myself with a couple of online projects (details to follow, as and when) as well as celebrating my transition to fully-blown middle-aged status (I turned 40 on Monday). There's been really too much to catch up on in the last week so the comprehensive and indefatigable No Rock'n'Roll Fun would be the best resource for what you've missed. My sympathies go out to those of you left frustrated by the Glastonbury ticketing fiasco, but console yourself with these two thoughts - firstly, do you really want to spend a whole weekend with 100,000 of the world's most persistent pushers of the refresh button? and secondly, there's been no real mud at Glasto since 1998 and the long-term forecast is for a wet summer, so let it rain and wash the smug faces off those middle-class mofos who 'did like everyone else who really wanted to go [my italics] and sat up til the wee small hours'. That's if the fresh air doesn't kill them first.

Besides, the best bands invariably play Reading, anyway. A day ticket for the Saturday looks the order of the day with The White Stripes, Morrissey, The Libertines and Franz Ferdinand heading the bill. Talking of Mozzer, there's a typically entertaining interview of him in today's Guardian, in which he discusses why he chooses to live alone -

''I don't feel like I live alone because I've made a terrible mistake or I'm difficult to look at. Can you imagine being able to do what you like and never having to put up with any other person? And their relatives.

"You can constantly develop when you're by yourself. You don't when you're with someone else. You put your own feelings on hold and you end up doing things like driving to supermarkets and waiting outside shops - ludicrous things like that. It really doesn't do."

Kurt Cobain, of course, topped himself on my 30th birthday, and I did have my own wise, moving etc. platitudes to make, but you'll just have take my word on it now and look forward to the upcoming Mel Gibson biopic of the Nirvana singer to make sense of it all. Expect plenty of controversy on the alleged anti-Eddie Vedder bias (oy vey!) as well as the you-can't-look-but-you-can't-not-look moment when Kurt (played by a miscast Joaquin Pheonix after Brandon Lee shot his load like way too soon) blows his brains out in graphic close-up. Working title: Dead Men Do Sometimes Wear Plaid, Actually.

Meanwhile, post-rock hits Shropshire! First up, The Durutti Column play Shrewsbury Buttermarket (wtf?) on Thursday May 6th, and also, Sutton Heights have their very own shoegazing band courtesy of The Exploits Of Elaine, who are playing the Wrekin View in Dawley on Saturday 17th April prior to a support slot when SubPop's mighty The Catheters play the Little Civic in Wolverhampton on May 2nd. It was never like this in my day, I can tell you (you can get way with saying things like this when you turn 40).

Who knew Anna Kookymojo had migrated over to LiveJournal? Not me, that's for sure. While we're in the process of changing bookmarks, let's also note that Pitchfork's Chris Ott has a new blog in town (news via Lindsay). Also, who knew Luke Enlow ever got off the phone long enough to get his creative juices flowing on the whole bootleg phenomenon? I particularly like 'Titled' where Interpol crash in on the house party for an arresting development.

In movie news, American Psycho direcor/writer team Marry Harron and Guinevere Turner are to film a biopic of 50s fetish pinup Bettie Page. Gretchen Mol is set to star.

And finally, Parallax View Single Of The Week goes to For Lovers by Wolfman featuring Pete Doherty (out on Monday 12th), a steadily-building power ballad reminiscent of Manic Street Preachers in their pomp. Long-time readers will probably know I've not been the biggest Libertines fan in the past, but the fetching mix of power and vulnerabilty in Doherty's voice brought to mind Pete Wylie from his early Wah! records. Some have criticised it for being 'boring' and 'simplistic' but it's the only record in recent weeks that has me instinctively reaching out to turn the radio volume right up, so SOTW it bloomin' well is and just listen to your elders for once, willya?!



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