Thursday, March 11, 2004

Angry Jack WhiteWoolly Bully?

And so Jack White has pleaded guilty to assault and battery following his brutal and sustained attack on Jason Von Bondie in Detroit last December. White appears to be showing little remorse, however, believing he acted with honour and 'integrity' and regretting only that he had allowed himself to be provoked. Yet the provocation he cited in court was Jason's comments in the press, so apparently all Jack regrets is that someone had the nerve not to be nice about him, and that the way to deal with this slight with integrity and honour was to throw his considerable weight about (Jack is an increasingly bulky 6ft 1; Jason a skinny and partially sighted 5ft 9).

So, the last of the great and honorable rock 'n' roll heroes, or a big-headed bar room bully? You decide.

But perhaps we're being too harsh on Jackie boy - at least he didn't try to cop a plea under diminished responsibility. After all, dude's gotta be seriously delusional if he thinks he's still skinny enough to fit into a single-breasted suit...(pic via


John McGeoch RIP. The former Magazine, Siouxsie and the Banshees and PiL guitarist died in his sleep aged 48.

Andre 3000's model shows us her speakerboxxx (NSFW) (via Popbitch)

New album from The Thermals due in May. Fuckin' A.

Juliana Hatfield also returns from self-imposed Exile in May.

Boneyboy gets a Live Journal!

And so to bed...Emma re-opens the door to her Boudoir.


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