Sunday, February 29, 2004

The 'Plane Comes Down Behind Enemy Lines

First up, many thanks for those of you that have passed on messages of good wishes during my absence, either directly or indirectly. And particular thanks to those generous souls that have forwarded gifts during my enforced break. I need, however, to ask for further patience to those of you awaiting replies to e-mails or a return to regular updating on PV.

I'm due back in hospital tomorrow when they will hopefully remove the rods currently knitting my forearm back in place. They will then re-plaster the arm in a cast for a further two weeks. This should mean I'll be resuming work by the middle of the week, but it could be another few weeks before my right hand is sufficiently supple for regular blogging demands (HTML needing regular use of shift key etc.).

And so I fell into enforced captivity during February - did I miss much? All those awards ceremonies I guess, where we learnt that rich, fat US media types kinda think Beyonce is hot too, and that the way to bring down western civilisation is not through flying aircraft into buildings but by unleashing Janet Jackson's career-suicide bomb. So yes, it was the month of Janet Jackson and her tit. And I was so hoping Justin Timberlake was going to go away in 2004.

This is generally my favourite time of year for music, though - in the absence of major releases, this is traditionally the time for hungry new bands to make their presence felt with calling-card singles and regular touring, and for less fashionable artists to fill the release vacuum with attempts at re-claiming the zeitgeist (that's if it's still acceptable to use that word). Thanks to those good folk at 6Music I've been exposed to quite a bit of what's out and about, so I've listed below the tracks that have soundtracked my month.

Parallax Jukebox

1. I Trawl The Megaherz - PADDY MCALOON
2. Tropical Ice-Land - THE FIERY FURNACES
3. Black Cherry - GOLDFRAPP
4. The Valleys - ELECTRELANE
5. Lola Stars And Stripes - THE STILLS
6. Formed A Band - ART BRUT
7. Stumble And Fall - RAZORLIGHT
10. Julian I'm A Little Bit Older Than You - COURTNEY LOVE
11. Jessica - ADAM GREEN
12. Freakin' Out - GRAHAM COXON
14. Love Is All - THE RAPTURE
15. Saffron - EASTERN LANE
16. Jacqueline - FRANZ FERDINAND
17. The New Year - DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE
18. Leaky Tunnel - THE FIERY FURNACES
19. The Storm - TANYA DONNELLY
20. Stick-Up - KELIS

Although I'm sure I've forgotten a few. As part of my rehabilitation I did get to go see The Fiery Furnaces at Birmingham Academy (supported by The Blueskins and Mad Action) and I'll try to post up a full review by the end of the week.

Until then, take care.


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