Sunday, March 21, 2004

Wake Me Up When De Jour Is Out

For the sake of balance, I feel I need to point you in the direction this morning of I Was Branded A Call Girl Blogger in which Sarah Champion gives a complete denial to being a faker or a whore, although it's not immediately clear which accusation she finds most offensive. So I took steps to debunk the allegations on Wednesday before they even went to press in the next day's Times, so keep it Parallax View for the cutting-edge commentary on all your favourite blogging call-girl shenanigans (for those of you that still have the will to live, that is). Although now Tom Coates has been delivering his verdict on affairs, no doubt no-one will be paying attention to little old me.

Which is probably just as well, as Sarah's categoric denial thrillingly leaves my own (very libellous, no doubt) theory just about on the plausible side of psychosis.


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