Sunday, March 28, 2004

Perceptive. Understanding. Knowledgeable. Also Laughs At Celebrity Breasts.

You'll have to move fast to get it but Fluxblog has uploaded an mp3 from the forthcoming Fiery Furnaces record 'Blueberry Boat' (long track, so big download). The album should be in stores in the UK by September at the latest.

While we're talking mp3 you can get one of Jack White and Bob Dylan singing 'Ball and Biscuit' together here.

And I'm being especially good to you tonight because I'm also letting you in on Anja's latest secret online hideout.

Paul Schrader was in London earlier this week for a talk on screenwriting and the future of film. Here is a transcript of the discussion plus a brief interview with the unashamedly serious man who wrote Taxi Driver; Raging Bull and Affliction.

The Big Lebowski Random Quote Generator (via Danger! High Postage!).

Nerve Magazine interview The Stills, asking the rilly important questions, like do they masturbate in front of the mirror to their own songs? (site NSFW, link via largehearted boy)

Shocking new sport craze: Live Cat Soccer! Nyah, nothing new, really, the West Ham defence have been pussying about on the pitch for at least a couple of seasons now.

More good news: Lisa Maffia's breasts appear to be heading for some kind of reconciliation (long-distance relationships can be so troublesome).

Neil Grayson. He kisses celebrities, and tells. (via Ben)

Last Tuesday Art Brut won the coveted Single Of The Week honour here at Parallax View with their bold debut 'Formed A Band'. But it's not all good news for the band's lead singer Eddie Argos (wonder if he charges extra on Saturdays for his vocal delivery?). A bitter ex-bandmate has decided to make Eddie's past his business.

Word of the day (via Graybo).


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