Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Profile Song

Dublin's impressively bolshy Fight Like Apes take on the prettyboys again with 'Lend Me Your Face', purloining physiognomies in a two-minute riot of colourful, snarling strop-pop. The Parallax View Single Of The Week is out this week, but the face facts are that as there's only 500 copies of 7" yellow vinyl been pressed, the chances are if you get one and bust it up they won't replace it.

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Blogger Ben said...

Missed them at Glastonbury, but I did see the live footage of this song on the BBC site - thought it was pretty dreadful, even though Alison was raving about them. For some reason or other, it sounds much better now, and the other stuff on their MySpace is decent too. Can't argue with a band who cover Mclusky, really! Perhaps I should take the time to go and see them when they come to Oxford after all...

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