Monday, July 21, 2008

Because We Say So

Parallax View first encountered Rosie And The Goldbug at this year's Dot-to-Dot festival in Bristol, and we were suitably impressed with their bouncy, colourful choonage to look out for future recordings. The wait is now over, with the release of their War Of The Roses ep, available with immediate effect from iTunes. The title track is a breezy delight, and like so many of this year's best songs is unashamedly pop in the way it alchemises sounds and sentiments into giddy thrills.

We're not sure where the Cornwall/London trio stand when it comes to the Lancashire/Yorkshire divide, so will avoid any white/red rose faux-pas by delivering a fresh, blooming Parallax View Single Of The Week to their doorstep as an alternative garland. You know it makes scents!

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