Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Ten KO

Some debut singles smack you in the face straight away with such a sure, sweet hit it becomes almost impossible to imagine the follow-up can offer anything but a reduced impact. Double A-side 'Bearfight/Y'all Come Back Now' from Toronto's Ten Kens is no such beast, however. It's the sort of debut that's so mysterious and enthralling in the way it alchemises different elements (wistful Americana, scuzzy garage-rock stylings, sludgy metal, spacey Besnard Lakes atmospherics) that it leaves you wanting to hear much more from them so that you can finally pin their sound and mojo down.

A debut album is due for September release, with a European tour to follow. Until then, it took Ten Kens to make 'Bearfight/Y'All Come Back Now' but just one Ken to make it Parallax View Single Of The Week.

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