Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Slip Hip Hooray!

Dead Kenny's family always wanted him to go to Oxford, but little did they suspect his first venture into the city wouldn't be to university but to go back to The School. The Cardiff popsters are playing at The Bullingdon Arms in two days time, to celebrate the release of their 'Let It Slip' ep this week on Elefant Records, of which we plan to pick up an autographed copy or we'll be waving our twelve-inch ruler around in disgust.

We've heard enough already to make it Parallax View Single Of The Week, however, the kicking intro, doo-wop backing vocals and handclaps making for a slick sonic delight not unlike Camera Obscura as produced by Phil Spector during one of his more coherent moments. Enjoy the video while you await the live review.

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