Tuesday, March 21, 2006

What Kate Did Next

StrangeTime, Wolves Little Civic, Wednesday March 15 2006.

This is the first time Dead Kenny has seen StrangeTime since their Different Kettle Of Fish outing last September, so it's difficult to decide whether the beefier sound emanating from Kate Finch; Tara Hartel and John O'Neill is down to improved confidence/technique or simply the better acoustics available at Little Civic. Whatever, despite being first on the bill on a bitterly cold Wednesday evening in Wolverhampton, the end result is a riveting display of raw, bluesy and downright dirty rock 'n' roll, be it on rumbling epics like 'Red Clouds' or the anthemic art-school pop-punk of their most celebrated tune 'Ex-Boyfriend'.

Given that StrangeTime have recently been described as 'the most dangerous band in the Black Country' Dead Kenny took full health and safety guidance before attending the gig, and made sure to take an aspirin before the first chords struck. Your correspondent can assure potential gig-goers of a nervous disposition, however, that aside from a quick surge in blood pressure when Kate spat out the line 'I want to fuck you!' during a powerful depiction of 'Lust' the only lingering after-effect was to make a mental note to be sure not to miss the band's next (headlining) gig at The Actress & Bishop in Birmingham on Saturday April 8.

Watching The Hammers scrape through their FA Cup Fifth Round replay in extra time against Bolton in The Posada with Phill afterwards, however, easily took about five years off Dead Kenny's life(?) expectancy.


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