Thursday, March 30, 2006

Caught By The 'Fuzz

Ladyfuzz/Deluka, Birmingham Bar Academy, Wednesday March 22 2006.

Local support band Deluka make a reasonably splendid electro rock 'n' roll noise, have a sexy female singer with a powerful voice and a handful of really quite decent tunes. Definitely worth looking out for. In short, we like deluka them.

There's nothing short about Liz Neumayer, the irrepressible lead singer of main band Ladyfuzz. One of their early singles had a cover depicting Liz in a Gulliver's Travels pose, but it's not until you see her in the flesh that you realise she's built from the same sturdy Austrian oak as Governor Schwarzenegger. She's not big like Jessica Simpson, nor big like Alison Moyet, she's big like Attack Of The 50ft Woman, enough to make even Dead Kenny's heckles sink.

Most of the early buzz about this Transgressive Records band has been around Fuzz vox Neumayer's previous links with Kele from Bloc Party and Tom Vek, but it's less about their flatmates and more about their meaty, beaty Bouncy Ball (out in shops last week) that appeals to your correspondent. This is the first gig of their first headlining tour, and they seem nervous in front of a well-dressed but relatively static audience but energetic workouts of their singles ('Oh Marie'; a take-no-prisoners 'Hold Up' and a stealthy 'Monster' that really creeps up on you); intriguing sneak previews from their debut album Kerfuffle (released Monday April 3) and seemingly random use of a transparent recorder and that old Parallax View favourite, the kazoo, deserve much, much better.

It's only fair warning to advise, however, that some people liken 'Bouncy Ball' to Lene Lovich and find the band as a whole very much a 'love-'em-or-loathe-'em' proposition. So if prolonged exposure to the Ladyfuzz finds you breaking out into a nasty purple rash, please note that blander alternatives are, as ever, widely available.


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