Wednesday, November 12, 2003

An Eiffel Of Paris

The first time I'd ever heard of Paris Hilton was when the sadly-defunct Supermodels Are Lonelier Than You Think fashion weblog posted a paparazzi picture of the heiress(?) in a limo, legs akimbo and clearly commando. But that now seems the picture of discretion compared to the video that has sent the US blogging world into a spiral of delirium. kindly provides us with a link to the Windows Media video in question, which if I may shout out loud for a second IS VERY DEFINITELY NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

I have no idea or not whether this is really Paris Hilton or not, although it certainly seems like a reasonably good fascimile of a skinny blonde heiress being given a good seeing-to by a strapping fellow. The infa-red camerawork gives it all a surreal feel but by the standards of recent celebrity sex tapes it's reasonably hot stuff. Hilton (or whoever) certainly seems well aware of being filmed - indeed, she's giving the camera a lot more loving and attention than her bossy beau, almost as if she had some idea that someday these shots would prove to be globally starmaking footage. Certainly beats the new Britney video, anyways.


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