Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pringle Serving

Arriving hand-packaged and wrapped in a pink bow, there's little impoverished about the presentation or content of George Pringle's 'Poor EP, poor ep without a name'. It's the way ep's should be, in that each of the four tracks seems like your favourite at the time of listening. 'SW10' is an elegant, sophisticated spoken-word calling card; 'Carte Postale' is shorter, sharper, sexier; 'I'm Very Scared, Buster. Yes, At Last' introduces some disco beats to the mix and the first teasing glimpse of singing, while closer 'We Could Have Been Heroes' initially seems more ordinary before launching orbitwards with a fully-song chorus of 'My Bloody Valentine! My Bloody Valentine!'.

So from the impressive boutique trimmings to the posh-totty-talks-over-electro-beats schtick that recalls at times Saint-Etienne and Lori & The Chameleons amongst others, gorgeous George Pringle announces herself a fresh, vibrant, intelligent new voice on the contemporary music scene. Which is plenty good enough reason to make it Single Of The Week in our Parallax View.

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