Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lager Lager Touting

The likes of Adele and Duffy have splendid enough voices, but the really distinctive and iconic vox to emerge so far this year has to belong to Ida Maria. We tipped her as one to watch at the turn of the year and the hard evidence arrives in the form of Stella, out in the shops this week on various formats. The song is a bewitching blend of blues and folk in its own right, but what elevates it into the extraordinary is the rasping, soulful gravitas of Ida Maria's astonishing vocals.

It's not hard to see a time when braying trendies will holler for their favourite brand of reassuringly expensive lager to the tune of this, but until then we add to the chorus of approval and make Stella Parallax View Single Of The Week.

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