Saturday, February 16, 2008

Feb And Groovy

In which we empty our pockets of loose change. Spend it wisely, readers!

In response to a request from Ben as to where you can get hands on a copy of David Byrne's cover of The Fiery Furnaces' 'Ex-Guru' here's a link to the mp3 and also details on how you can buy a copy of this goofy goodness.

Sweetness And Light:The Miki Berenyi Interview 2008. Miki's still so fine at 40, and contributing to a couple of new records (via Sweeping The Nation).

Steel yourself for the Iron Man trailer.

Yow, that's gotta hurt: Qui frontman David Yow hospitalised with collapsed lung.

Jack Nicholson on seduction:: 'I don't do any tricks. It's just animal magnetism.'

Chris Cleave's excellent novel Incendiary which features a troubled young woman learning to cope with losing her husband and child in a terrorist atrocity at an Arsenal game, has been made into a feature film starring Michelle Williams and Ewan McGregor that premiered at last month's Sundance Film Festival.

The Constantines release a new album Kensington Heights through Arts & Crafts on April 15.

Sad news emerging this month that the great J G Ballard has advanced prostate cancer.

This sad, too: Roy Scheider RIP.

RussL re-designed.

Health Warning: Don't Try This At Home.

Birmingham-based circus artiste Emilia Arata (picture borderline safe for work) supplied the eye candy for last month's Big Brother Celebrity Takeover yawnfest.

A cautious recommendation to What I Killed Today, in which a vet eulogises the animals he's euthanised. (via LMG)

On a much happier note it's full speed ahead for a new Ladytron album, entitled Velocifero, due out on Nettwerks Records on June 3.

And finally, a new music tip for 2008, in the shape of Laura Groves. Missed the 20-year-old Shipley lass's show last night at the Bearded Magazine launch party in Birmingham's Sunflower Lounge, but these songs on her MySpace page are striking and distinctive. The Kate Bush comparisons are inevitable, but, for once, pertinent.

Gig review ketchup soon, you saucy devils.

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Blogger Ben said...

What I Killed Today - the very definition of macabre yet fascinating...

1:51 AM  
Blogger Dead Kenny said...

Yeah, if it was a book it would be unputdownable. Or then again...

10:13 PM  

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