Friday, November 02, 2007

All Milla, No Filler

Resident Evil: Extinction, Odeon Telford, Wednesday October 31 2007, 6.10pm.

Whatever you might think about zombie movies, it's the genre that refuses to stay dead. Despite the critical kicking the first two films in the Resident Evil computer game spin-off series received, the third installment is now upon us, with Highlander director Russell Mulcahy jumping aboard to try to breathe new life into his own stalling career.

While Mulcahy's films aren't often remembered for their intelligence, cultural significance and socio-political insight, one thing he can normally be relied upon is to deliver retina-scorching cinematic sweep, and true to form he delivers with the shit-kicking action taking place in post-apocalyptic desert vistas that sometimes recall the Mad Max pictures (although in place of Tina Turner, we get Ashanti - progress of sorts, we guess).

The result is a bright, glossy, sexy piece of entertainment which eschews pretension in favour of the superficial thrills of Milla Jovovich slicing and dicing zombies while wearing a wide range of wet and clingy outfits. For once, we have a zombie film that's quite happy to admit it's mindless fun, and this refreshing change allied to the stunning visuals gives more enjoyment than the hipper, edgier stylings of 28 Weeks Later. Milla's tale's worth following.

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