Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Shape Of Flynn To Come

In Like Flynn, The Haygate, Wellington, Telford, Friday September 28 2007, 10pm.

A fairly regular sight and sound on the Shropshire pub circuit in the early to mid-Nineties were In Like Flynn (aka Millennia) whose dark and powerful lyrics were welded to a fusion of grunge, epic rock postures and Chili Peppers funk to produce a highly danceable cocktail with broad appeal for the county's gig-going public. Your chummy correspondent has known the singer Tim Dwyer and bassist George Willetts for over fifteen years so decided it was about time we recorded something about their recently-embarked-upon comeback trail over here on Parallax View.

Free entrance on the door ensured a decent turnout, a combination of old fans and curious new folk producing a hubbub of anticipation as the DJ sets the period mood with songs including Soundgarden's 'Black Hole Sun' and Pearl Jam's 'Alive' getting us ready for angst-ridden bombast. Relishing the solo slot, In Like Flynn play a longer set than normal, allowing for a couple of new originals and some different covers in addition to songs like 'All Fall Down'; 'Driven' and 'To Be Like You' that have proven to be robust staples to the band's setlist for more than a decade. There are two main revelations to the evening - first surprise being the inclusion of a new member, Keith (The Beef) Hatton, adding muscle to the sound on rhythm guitar, the second being the instant gratification supplied by one of the brand new songs, 'Sea Of Titan' a fast, jangly number with a strong chorus that might give their second coming a timely kickstart. What comes as less surprise is the tightness of the sound throughout with guitarist Del Jones and drummer Clive Beasley completing the line-up with their customary aplomb.

What ILF do best is to get an audience on their feet and start dancing, and by the end of the night fans old and new seemed to be genuinely enjoying themselves. While Dead Kenny recognises that Tim & Co. have loftier ambitions in terms of their lyrical content and career aims than keeping Telford's dancefloors busy it would be useful for them to build up a strong and resilient local fanbase as a platform and the only way that's going to happen is through the sheer hard work of putting regular gigs on and putting these shifts in alongside their existing travel, relationship and burgeoning business interests. On past experience that's going to be a challenge for them but the great reception they received at The Haygate should provide them with the necessary spur to build momentum for their cause. If the rest of the new material matches up to the corking standard of 'Sea of Titan' the tide may yet be ready to turn in their favour.

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