Tuesday, July 24, 2007

So Sorry For Breaking Your Ding-A-Ling-A-Ling

Currently putting the grrrr into Gorillaz, Dublin's Fight Like Apes are the bonkers brainchild of two people called McKay and Pockets, but we won't hold that against 'em when they're putting out blistering cock-breaking punk-pop like 'Jake Summers' (available to stream from their MySpace page right now).

It's the sound of Blondie being put into the washing machine with Yeah Yeah Yeahs while Bis and Daisy Chainsaw fight over the controls and send them through as many spin cycles and speed levels as possible until the resulting material unspools onto the floor as a magnificent piece of bespoke DIY genius.

Apparently, Jake Summers is a leather-jacketed character from some American teensoap, but this may just be a smokescreen for a bitchfest about a bland, superficial playa who's like 'KFC without the taste' and 'smells of ham and tastes like bile'. Jake's progress may be halted but this could just be the beginning for Fight Like Apes who hopefully will be sorting out the chimps from the chumps for many a great choon to come.



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